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Las 10 canciones más tocadas por Converge en los últimos 40 conciertos . New to Converge? Listen to the best songs first ()

Perfil del repertorio

Las canciones que se tocarán en vivo fueron lanzadas en los siguientes álbumes:

Siguiente repertorio

Listen to the Playlist of the Next Concert (updated after every tour date):

Converge estará en el escenario durante aproximadamente 1:01. Aquí esta el repertorio probable basado en anteriores conciertos (97% probabilidad):

  1. The Dusk In Us cover Reptilian
  2. Axe To Fall cover Dark Horse
  3. All We Love We Leave Behind cover Aimless Arrow
  4. The Dusk In Us cover Under Duress
  5. The Dusk In Us cover A Single Tear
  6. You Fail Me Redux cover Drop Out
  7. You Fail Me Redux cover Heartless
  8. The Dusk In Us cover Trigger
  9. The Dusk In Us cover Eye of the Quarrel
  10. The Dusk In Us cover Broken by Light
  11. Beautiful Ruin cover Melancholia
  12. No Heroes cover Heartache
  13. You Fail Me Redux cover Eagles Become Vultures
  14. All We Love We Leave Behind cover Empty on the Inside
  15. The Dusk In Us cover I Can Tell You About Pain
  16. Jane Doe cover Concubine

Converge Tour Map 2020

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