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Las 10 canciones más tocadas por Jars of Clay en los últimos 40 conciertos .

Perfil del repertorio

Las canciones que se tocarán en vivo fueron lanzadas en los siguientes álbumes:

Siguiente repertorio

Jars of Clay estará en el escenario durante aproximadamente 1:00. Aquí esta el repertorio probable basado en anteriores conciertos (23% probabilidad):

  1. Good Monsters cover Work
  2. Greatest Hits cover Amazing Grace
  3. Inland cover Reckless Forgiver
  4. The Long Fall Back To Earth cover Boys (Lesson One)
  5. Much Afraid cover Fade to Grey
  6. Inland cover Inland
  7. Encore #1

  8. no cover All My Tears (Be Washed Away)
  9. Jars Of Clay cover Flood
  10. Jars Of Clay cover Love Song for a Savior

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  1. God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
  2. We Believe
  3. Your Love Never Fails
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  1. Jesus Freak - Remastered 2013
  2. In The Light - Remastered 2013
  3. What If I Stumble? - Remastered 2013
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  1. How He Loves
  2. After All (Holy)
  3. O Praise Him (All This For A King)
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  1. Move
  2. Kings & Queens
  3. Big House
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  1. Soul On Fire (feat. All Sons & Daughters) (feat. All Sons & Daughters)
  2. I Need A Miracle
  3. God of Wonders
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  1. Faith My Eyes
  2. Love Alone
  3. Thankful
Caedmon's Call Photo

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  1. Independent Gyal (feat. mr. vegas)
  2. No Lie - Delirious & Alex K Remix
  3. Sexual Healing (feat. Max-A-Million)
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  1. Wedding Dress
  2. She Must and Shall Go Free
  3. Mockingbird
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  1. Cinderella
  2. I Will Be Here
  3. Dive
Steven Curtis Chapman Photo

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  1. Meant to Live
  2. Dare You To Move
  3. I Won't Let You Go
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