Próximos conciertos cerca de Ciudad Juárez, México

Encuentra conciertos, fechas de giras cercanas a Ciudad Juárez y compra boletos.
  1. The Goodness (feat. Blessing Offor)
  2. Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)
  3. Love Broke Thru
tobyMac Photo


  1. La Boda Del Huitlacoche - Live
  2. Llorar y Llorar - con Carin Leon
  3. El Tóxico
Carin Leon Photo

Carin Leon

  1. Shabadabada
  2. Enloquéceme
  3. Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto - (En Vivo)
OV7 Photo


  1. The You Kind of Kind
  2. Lisa Frankenstein (feat. Bobby Moynihan)
  3. Hucks
Nina West Photo

Nina West

  1. Brave as a Noun
  2. Body Terror Song
  3. Bad Bad Things
AJJ Photo


  1. A Mind Blown Is a Mind Shown
  2. H-O-P-P- Why?
  3. The New Messiah Is Coming 1985
Ha*Ash Photo


  1. I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
  2. Loco in Acapulco
  3. Baby I Need Your Loving
Tops Photo


  1. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
  2. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (feat. Paul Buchanan)
  3. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Chris Botti Photo

Chris Botti

  1. Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die - Live
  2. If I Had A Boat
  3. You've Got a Friend in Me - From "Toy Story" / Duet
Lyle Lovett Photo

Lyle Lovett

  1. I Don't Think About You
  2. What Are We Doing
  3. Forever Of The Living Dead
Tim Kasher Photo

Tim Kasher

  1. Control - Original Mix
  2. Cryptic Speech - Original Mix
  3. Dark Market - Original Mix
Umek Photo


  1. Let Me Take You
  2. Where I Want 2 B
  3. Nights Like This
CID Photo


  1. Church (Take Me Back)
  2. One Day
  3. Thank God For Sunday Morning
Cochren & Co. Photo

Cochren & Co.

  1. Queen of Ears
  2. I Never Want to See You Again
  3. Our Happiness is Guaranteed
Quasi Photo


  1. Stand in Your Love
  2. Coming Home (feat. Tori Harris)
  3. Steadfast Savior
North By North Photo

North By North

  1. Big Love - David Penn Remix
  2. Big Love
  3. Big Love - Dr Packer Remix
Big Lo Photo

Big Lo

  1. Fiesta Mexicana - Neuaufnahme
  2. Der letzte Sirtaki - Neuaufnahme
  3. Vom Stadtpark die Laternen - Remastered 2004
G-REX Photo


  1. Illusive Divinity
  2. Congregation of Flesh
  3. Seismic Abyss
Skeletal Remains Photo

Skeletal Remains

  1. Get Hot - G Jones Remix
  2. Vultures
  3. Fight Club
Chee Photo


  1. What Is Real
  2. An Evidence Of Time - Claude VonStroke Remix
  3. Night Blooming Jasmine - Rodriguez Jr. Remix Edit
Rodriguez Jr. Photo

Rodriguez Jr.

  1. On Da Clock
  2. Hard 2 Find (SPEED MODE)
  3. I Love You Sky of Blue
TrippJones Photo


  1. Problemón
  2. Llori Pari
  3. A Mi También ft. Alvaro Diaz, Feid
Alvaro Díaz Photo

Alvaro Díaz

  1. Strum
  2. Banner
  3. String Quartet in G Major (Unfinished): II. Andante moderato
Catalyst Quartet Photo

Catalyst Quartet

Lugares más famosos para conciertos en Ciudad Juárez

  1. Lowbrow Palace
  2. The Plaza Theater Performing Arts Center
  3. 11:11 EP TX
  4. Don Haskins Center
  5. Rockhouse
  6. Function.
  7. The Plaza Theatre
  8. The Rockhouse Bar and Grill
  9. Abraham Chavez Theatre
  10. Judson F Williams Convention Center
  11. El Paso County Coliseum
  12. Rockhouse Outdoors
  13. Lost & Found
  14. UTEP Magoffin Auditorium
  15. Hardpop
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