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Las 10 canciones más tocadas por Drake en los últimos 40 conciertos . New to Drake? Listen to the best songs first ()

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Las canciones que se tocarán en vivo fueron lanzadas en los siguientes álbumes:

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Drake estará en el escenario durante aproximadamente 2:57. Aquí esta el repertorio probable basado en anteriores conciertos (71% probabilidad):

  1. Scorpion cover 8 Out of 10
  2. Scorpion cover Mob Ties
  3. Nothing Was The Same cover Started From the Bottom
  4. What A Time To Be Alive cover Jumpman
  5. The Return Of East Atlanta Santa cover Both (Gucci Mane cover)
  6. If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover Know Yourself
  7. Scorpion cover Emotionless
  8. Scorpion cover Elevate
  9. If You're Reading This It's Too Late cover Energy
  10. Harder Than Ever cover Yes Indeed (Lil Baby cover)
  11. Rise Of An Empire cover Trophies
  12. More Life cover Gyalchester
  13. Thank Me Later cover Over
  14. Take Care cover Headlines
  15. Take Care cover HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)
  16. Nothing Was The Same cover All Me
  17. For Free cover For Free (DJ Khaled cover)
  18. Take Care cover The Motto
  19. My Way (remix) cover My Way (Remix) (Queen Key cover)
  20. Culture Ii cover Walk It Talk It (Migos cover)
  21. Scorpion cover That's How You Feel
  22. Scorpion cover After Dark
  23. Scorpion cover Jaded
  24. Views cover Controlla
  25. Anti cover Work (Rihanna cover)
  26. Views cover One Dance
  27. Views cover Hotline Bling
  28. More Life cover Fake Love
  29. Scorpion cover Nice for What
  30. Scorpion cover In My Feelings
  31. Look Alive (feat. Drake) cover Look Alive (BlocBoy JB cover)
  32. Astroworld cover Sicko Mode (Travis Scott cover)
  33. Scorpion cover Nonstop
  34. I'm upset cover I'm Upset
  35. Scorpion cover God's Plan

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  2. So Fly
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  3. I Don't Fuck With You
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  2. goosebumps
  3. Butterfly Effect
Travis Scott Photo

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  1. Can't Feel My Face
  2. The Hills
  3. Starboy
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  1. Birthday Sex
  2. Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
  3. Down On Me
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